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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by thejms, May 7, 2009.

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    I have an 02 Sierra 2500HD. Auto trans with the 6.0L. My transfer case started leaking at the output shaft seal. No prob, I thought. I went down to checker autopart and got a new seal. When I went to put it back in the transfer case, the seal is loose, its not sloppy loose, but I can shove it in by hand and I can also spin the seal while seated in the transfer case. I thought maybe they gave me the wrong seal so I took it back and got another. Same outcome with new one. So then I went to Napa, hoping they had something else. Turns out its the same brand, I bought it anyway, just in case. Same outcome. I cleaned the old one up and tried to shove it in by hand and you can tell that it would actually take a hammer to get it in, like its supposed to. Has anyone had this sort of problem?
  2. GaryL

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    Sounds like they got a part number wrong, can you take your old one in and have them try to match it up. Maybe select a different truck from 02 to start your search.
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    see if you can buy it off amazon or some other online retailer. i got a fuel pump and sending unit from ac-direct off amazon for 230, acdelco brand and all. 50 cheaper than some lame autozone brand
  4. thejms

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    Well I just went to the stealership and got one, almost 2x the price of the napa ones. Fit like a champ though.
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    They were robly giving you the seal for a 4L60E and not the seal for the 4L80E you have. The transfer case is different size between the two.
  6. blueZ71

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    Bummer.. well at least you got it fixed

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