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Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by stinger44, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. stinger44

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    Hi. Wasn't sure where else to post this but my outside temp reading on my mirror seems to be way off. This morning our actual outside temp was around 0 to 1 degrees but the reading inside the truck said -7. The owner's manual doesn't seem to offer any help other than bringing the truck in for service. :confused:

    Anyone else experiencing this in cold temps? I know the compass can be calibrated but it doesn't appear the temp portion can be. I was already 10 minutes into my drive to work so I think the reading had plenty of time to adjust.

  2. ajarman

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    I have noticed now that it is colder that it takes the truck a few miles down the road to get to the true temp. I knew it was about 25 this morning and the truck said 34 when I got in and maybe 3 miles up the road it dropped to 24. I can't remember if the truck did this in the past, but just noticed it this week.
  3. stinger44

    stinger44 Rockstar

    I figured that was probably part of the issue but I think the temp was still 5 or so degrees off even when I got to work (30 min drive).
  4. randomsandwhich

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    My 2008 does that as well, also on occasion if I leave my truck to warm up for an extended amount of time with max heat on defrost for awhile, the temperature will go up to 112 when its only 30-40 outside. But its not just GM's .. other vehicles of different make do this as well.
  5. dsfloyd

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    yeah not super accurate but i think it gets close after driving. never seen the initial temp to be accurate. oh yeah and thats frickin' cold.
  6. stinger44

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    Ok, maybe I'm expecting too much from this thing. I know my other vehicles have been more accurate; within +/- 2 degrees at the most.
  7. 1flyfisher

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    My 2010 has a temp display reading on the computer and it is pretty much perfectly accurate at all times. Whenever I see another temperature displayed at a bank or other business it is always the same or close to that temp. Within a degree or two if there is a difference. So I consider that pretty good.

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    You did say ACTUAL outside temp was 0 to 1 degrees but are you sure? What are you cross checking your vehicles temperature reading against? Are you comparing it to an actual accurate digital thermometer that you know to be precisely accurate? Or are you just going by what the weatherman says the morning outside low temperature SHOULD be? Because temps can and do vary by 7 degrees easily. It could easily be actually colder than you thin k it is.....just sayin.

  8. wayned

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    the sensor for the thermometer is in front by the radiator, if you park in the sun or have it running When parked you won't get a accurate reading

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