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    Curious for those who have put them in, did you get one from a different vehicle and if so was any modification needed? I considered building my own, but quickly trashed that idea.
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    I bought one on eBay from a tahoe and put it in my regular cab. On mine, I cut some slots in a piece of wood that the clips go into so that the wood above the headliner holds it in place, since regular cab trucks don't have the double-wall roof. Some extended cabs have the double-wall roof, so the clips on the console will just clip right in if you have it, if not, then using my method works well. For the screw on the front, there is a spot cut out for the clip that the screw goes into, but on mine the clip was not there. I went to the dealership, and this clip did not show up in their parts system, so I took another look at it and realized that the clips used for the inside sunvisor clip is the same, so I went to a junkyard where they gave me one for free.

    So, first things first, drop the front of your headliner to see if you have a double-walled (framing down the middle), or single wall. If you have double wall, all you will need is the console and the clip for the screw. If you only have a single-wall roof, you will need a small piece of wood (I used a piece about 10" long, by 2" wide and about 1/4" thick. I cut out 2 holes so that the clips fit in tight, then held it in place above the headliner as I clipped the console into it.

    Also, it isnt a bad idea to get the clip for the front screw first, and punture the headliner where the screw will come through so that you can line your console up with that to cut the holes in the headliner. I believe factory consoles have a large hole cut out, but I would recommend cutting as little material as possible.

    My long post makes it sound like a lot more work than it is, but it isnt that bad, especially if you have the double wall roof. Just take your time, and be careful cutting your headliner, and you'll be very happy with the outcome.

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