overhead dvd mounting and ac climate control question

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    Hello all i have a question and hope someone could answer it .I have a 2005 tahoe and i want to mount a overhead dvd player.But i have my rear a/c climate control in the spot the dvd player needs to be.Can i get the console ac climate control like some that have it with the radio and climate control?

    As you can see its mounted where i wanna mount the dvd player.

    The one i have doesnt have ac control .Can i swap it out with one that has ac controls?
    And am i already wired for this
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  2. Enkeiavalanche

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    Audiovox and a few other Co's used to make a console that still let you keep those up there.. Not sure if they still do..
  3. Pikey

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    instead of messing with all the wiring and headaches that arise from tapping into the steering control, main control harness & rear stereo wires...I tried to install a kenwood dvd player in my 04 yukon

    get yourself those aftermarket dvd players that only require you to change out the headrests. alot less work.

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