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  1. gbalan

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    Hi all,

    I just tried to install an AUdiovox overhead dvd palyer in my 2004 suburban. I used the wires to the dome lights, and everything seemed to be working fine, but the unit shuts off after palying a dvd for about 5 minutes. The dome lights still work, and if I unplug the unit from power and plug it back in, it works fine. I'm going to try powering the dvd via the ACC, but was wondering if anyone had words of wisdom. If I can't figure the power issue out, I'm wondering if the unit is bad?
  2. Crawdaddy

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    It almost sounds like the DVD unit is bad. If you had a problem like that that wasn't the DVD pl;ayer itself, it should either burn through a wire which would create a permanent open, or blow a fuse, which would break the circuit until you replaced the fuse....unless that circuit has a circuit breaker instead at the fuse panel... Keep me updated
  3. IrishBrewer

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    I have a similar unit that had been installed by the previous owner on my 02 Suburban. It works fine but one thing I wish it would do is stay powered on (like the radio) until you open the doors to exit the vehicle but perhaps short of rewiring a line from the fusebox, I don't know if that is possible.

    I realize that this is not the problem you are having, but nonetheless, it may be something you want to consider when you get the other issue worked out. If I were you, I would try a temporary hook up to another known working 12V power source. Perhaps you could rig up a wire coming off the fuse box or from a 12V accessory plug.
  4. gbalan

    gbalan New Member

    Thanks for the reply. One thing I forgot to mention was the power to the DVD player had a "choke" in the power line. I wasn't sure if that was the problem (mostly because I don't exactly know what a choke does), so I tried cutting it out and I still had the same problem. I'll try an ACC source of power and see what happens. In fact, I wouold prefer that, as the unit's LED backlights would stay on all the time with the dome light power source (one wire is hot all the time and the dome light power wire is only hot when the doors are opened). I'll let you know. BTW, anyone know how to pop the side panels off so I can route the power wire to the dash?
  5. Crawdaddy

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    To get the side panels off is a MAJOR chore. If I remember correctly, you have to pull the top and bottom sill panels off of both the front and rear door, remove the upper seatbelt point, possibly the bottom, and then pop the panel off carefully. If you do wire it up to pull off a hot-on-key circuit permanently, make sure the circuit you're pulling off of can support the load, and then fuse it again. More than enough fuses never hurt anything...
  6. gbalan

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    I figured it out!

    I was thinking this vehicle might be smart enough to shut off power to any reading or map lights left on after the vehicle was off, to keep from draining the battery. I took the truck to the pool this morning with my girls, and the DVD played the entire time. When we came back to the truck, the power to the DVD was off, But I wasn't sure why the power wasn't restored after turning the truck back on. So I thought about how the power to the DVD was restored by simply unplugging and re-attaching the power cord. I was going to get a small switch and install it in the trim ring, so I could either shut the power off to the DVD, or get the power to come back by switching it off then on, if I forgot to do it after I shut the vehicle off. Then, as I was driving home, I wondered if the "relay" or whatever it was would reset if I simply clicked one of the front map light switches on and off... IT WORKED!

    Now I have exactly what I want without pulling trim panels and routing a power wire. The DVD will completely shut off about 5 minutes after I shut the truck off. When I want to get power to it again, I simply turn the front map light on and off to reset the "relay". Works great!

    Thanks for all the info and advice...

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