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    hey guys i'm looking at buying an extended cab truck and i'm wanting to put an overhead dvd player and screen in the back for my daughter. i have no idea how to mount it to the roof. i'm good with the wiring and everything like that but the actual mount to the ceiling i have no idea how they actually mount. any advice or someone thats put on in could help me would be great. its possibly going in a 1993 x cab silverado.


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    Mine is attached to a board in between the headliner and roof of the truck.....you may have to cut your headliner for wiring etc.

    Personally if I had it to do all over again I would go with the monitors in the headrests. When the monitor is down you cant see out rearview mirror - also I have noticed that the weight of the screen when flippped down makes the headliner sag just enough(not a noticeable sag looking at it) that the board rattles against the roof when you hit a bump in the road or drive down a dirt road.

    I plan to redo the cloth interior in leather so I will probably dump the overhead and redo the head liner also.
  3. lancer

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    i like the headrest i put them in our van. but the new truck the headrest don't come out they are fully attached the seat. i may have to fix the headliner anyways so i may look into it more then. thanks

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