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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by budsy47, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. budsy47

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    Just purchased an overhead DVD unit from Ebay...would like to mount it just behind overhead console right over the dome light for the grandson in the back. Anyone else do this? It appears there is plenty of room to do it but was wondering about the wireing...it has built in dome light that I will just connect to the old dome wires...what I am wondering is...do I have to fish new power wires thru the console or headliner or are thier power wires already up there? Should mention I have 2001 Silverado w/4 dr & 5.3l
  2. budsy47

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    Did it

    OK.........went at it anyway.....quite easy to do actually.......the only problem was getting some support under the headliner to hold it up at the front. That was taken care of by glueing a piece of wood up to the metal roof...just applied some glue to the wood and slipped it up into the dome light opening and pressed to to the roof. As for the wireing that was also pretty easy...I used the existing wires for the dome light to hook up to the dome lights in the DVD unit...as for the power I ran the wires to the drivers side of the headliner(just fished it across with coat hanger) and then to the front plastic piller on the drivers side by just putting the wire along the door gasket and putting it under the headliner and then pushing it down thru the piller cover and it comes right out at the fuse block. Go get an adaptor for the fuse block to connect power. It all works great and you can even see it in the daylight...the only drawback is that my unit has one hinge for the drop down screen and becausr it swivels 30 degees to either side it shakes a bit when driving....next time I think a unit with a hinge on both sides...like a laptop my fair better when driving.
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    Would love to see a picture of that actually. Yeah, i've heard about people putting a block of wood up there to give some support and it spreads the load across a wider area on the headliner.

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