overheating/coolent/water temp guage?

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by capt sensible, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. capt sensible

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    So, here's my story, a few weeks ago I was driving and noticed a smell, then a minute lator I noticed my water temp guage said I was at about 240 degrees. So I drove home, about a quarter of a mile. Popped the hood and let it cool down. I have a coolent leak, I was reletivly empty. Well since then, I keep a close eye on it, cause I probably can't aford to fix it at the moment. I know there is plenty of coolent in there. The thing thats getting me is, before, and like most cars I've ridden in, the water temp guage always showed me running right around boiling, 212. Now it doesn't seem to get over 160*. Now if that was it, then I wouldn't be to worried, but after driving awhile, when I park the truck and go pop the hood it has that "hot" smell to it, if that makes since. So what should I do? Is it easy to get an after market water temperature guage and instal that? Should I replace the thermostat? I'm kind of at a loss. I've noticed my leak is extremely slow, so I can't trace where it's comeing from. Any pointers on that? I would just take it to a shop, but like alot of folks, I'm unemployed, so the more I can do myself the better off I'll be. I certainly don't want to burn my engine up. So yeah.... any pointers, advice, etc... would be great. thanks.

    *correction, "now it doesn't seem to get over 185"
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  2. silveradotrailblazer

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    overheating/coolant/ water temp gauge?

    Have you tried a pressure test? I think Autozone and some othe parts stores loan out the pressure test kits.
  3. capt sensible

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    no i havn't looked into that. i assume that it's a device that esentially hooks up to the system, and when the system is running it will tell you what amout of psi the waterpump is making, so if it's like say 2psi then you know there's probably a waterpump situation?
  4. scrappiedew1

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    how many miles ??? last time u flushed the cooling systsem ,check oil make sure it is not head gasket when you get the sysstem flushed and filled they will do a pressor test , if u put a thermo stat in go with the factory . go to A chevy dealer and get one , afer market always seem to bee a little different
  5. capt sensible

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    man... i didn't think about the head gasket... i sure hope thats not what it is. i've only had the truck for a year now. in that time i have had regular oil changes, but no coolent system flushes. the truck has around 110,xxx miles on her. so i guess my next step would be coolent flush, and oil change. i just hate spending the money on a coolent flush knowing that i have a slight coolent leak. i guess i need to try to track it down. anybody have any pointers on how to track a coolent leak?
  6. azdrtdog

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    Can you see the leak on ground if so i would try and follow up block maybe weep hole in water pump. I haven't heard to many intake gasket problems on the new motors or that would be a good place to look
  7. tahoe98

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    It may have a small intake manifold leak, now you may just have an external leak and may notice your exaust gas is hot and humid, it's a result of water/coolant leaking into your exaust, check your oil to make sure it dosn't look like a milkshake, if it dose that means you have an enternal leak and this will destroy your motor, DON"T DRIVE IT! IF you just have a small external leak it's ok FOR NOW, make sure you keep the water/coolant level adequate, if it gets hot while ur driving, stop and pop the hood, add water if possible.....my 98 tahoe is doing the same thing....so it sounds to me like your intake manifold gasket is leaking, you can buy one and do it yourself if you know how, if you get a dealership to do it your lucky cause most wont mess with it, it will cost 400+ in labor if you go that way....anyway good luck
  8. MightyMax

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    I had a Toyota.....went on a trip down to Fl from VA.
    Got off the interstate in Alabama, and the temp. just dropped....
    Didn't affect the truck (that I knew of)....so drove it while in Fla. for the week, then back home (another 1,000 mile trip).....started to act up a few weeks later.
    Took it in, I had blown a gasket and coolant was leaking into a few of the cylinders.

    You could pull a plug and look down and see the coolant....green as ever. :)

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