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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by Tom Evans, Feb 28, 2013.

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    I have a 2002 Chevrolet Suburban with 140K miles. It had 80K when I bought it. It appears to still have the original oxygen sensors. I started looking around for some replacements and found all sorts of conflicting information. Some of the sites even specified a sensor with a connector that is totally different fromt the one I now have.

    Here is the information I have from the sensors currently installed on the Suburban:

    Manufacturer: Denso

    GM P/N 12562943

    All four sensors are the same type.

    The VIN is 3GNEC16Z32G335199 so it is a vehicle manufacturered in Mexico.

    Here is what I think I need to buy: either AC Delco 213-819 or Denso 234-4650.
    I would prefer the Denso since thay are about $10 lower in cost and Denso is the original manufacturer.

    Some sites claim that the 234-4650 sensor is used only on the Canadian built engine. Could I have a Suburban built in Mexico with a Canadian-built engine?

    Any thoughts or comments?

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    Since you posted your VIN I took the liberty of calling GM service parts operations. The O2 sensors that your truck left the factory with are GM part # 12562943. Which is the 213-819 that you posted. I would only use AC Delco. For some reason some of the aftermarket O2 sensors do not agree well with GM vehicles. If it has denzo in it now they may have been replaced already. Check amazon for the parts. They are $45 there. Yes, it is possible to have a Mexico build suburban with a Canadian motor. Heck, my wife's torrent was made in Canada with a Chinese motor and a Japanese Trans.
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