oxygen sensor on 1996 gmc suburban

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    Has anyone had any problem with replacement oxygen sensor on the left and right bank. This is my problem I replaced the left and right bank sensor with ones from a 1994 because the part house said they could not find the ones for the 1996. What is happen now is the engine is running rough a low speed. The GMC dealer replace the distributor with no correction of the problem. Any suggestion
  2. Dr_Zero

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    The part numbers for the 2 years are different so might be the o2 sensors are not sending the right info ???
    Also the 96 shows 4 wires and the 94 shows 3 wires


    Part No.
    Bosch Oxygen Sensor: Three Wire; Heated
    OE Type; 3 Wire; Heated; Upstream Sensor; 3 Wire; Check / Replace Interval: 60,000 Miles
    Warranty: 1 Year Replacement Warranty


    Part No.
    Bosch Oxygen Sensor
    OE Type; 4 Wire; Heated; Upstream Sensor; Two required; Check / Replace Interval: 100,000 Miles
    Warranty: 1 Year Replacement Warranty

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