P1351 check engine code

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  1. my moms 97 tahoe sport has been having a starting issue thats pissin me off.... it's got a good tuneup(plugs.cap.rotor.wires) i changed the coil and the ignition control module as well and still the code stays on there it sounds like it's missing when it does get started however.... anyone have any ideas?
    it's a 350 motor vortec
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  3. that links not working lol...
    yeh i beleive i tried almost everything most common with this issue. i;ll check fuel pressure maybe i;ll be able to figure something out... now if there is no fuel pressure where would i start???
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    it worked just a minute ago but I will try to find it again
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    the code is for ign coil control circuit high voltage. doesnt neccesarily mean you have high Voltage but its a good possibility you have a short

    you need to focus on possible faulty ground or feed from ign module, poor connections at vcm or a failed vcm

    make sure you dont have any loose connectors
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  7. well i have recently searched for the same issues around all seem to be poiintng to fuel issues

    the other day mom drove the truck and it started up fine she drove down the road and it just died, no warnings just shut off...

    i beleive it's fuel related i have to hook up a fuel gauge to it under the hood...
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    Most of the time a P1351 is caused by an ignition switch problem from what I've seen.
  9. thats what my uncle said to me too...
    b.c we changed the coil,igni control module

    so it could possibly be the ignition switch than right

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