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  1. Nick1

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    Im getting these codes, I think theres a problem with he wiring harness that connects the converter to the tranny, either a dirty connector or either a a faulty ground, or something in the wiring harness...

    whats do you guys think...??!!

    This have helped me a little...: http://www.ls1truck.com/forums/pcm-tuning-diagnostics/13112-dtc-p2761.html
    I am stuck at STEP 2... please if someone could help...

    Thank you,
  2. MrShorty

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    I haven't ever worked through that diagnostic chart, so I'm not speaking from personal experience. If I understand correctly, step 2 is simply asking you to hook up a scanner, record the freeze frame data, then clear codes. Then, because you're getting the other codes with it, they want you to move on to step 3: check ign 0 fuse.

    Which part of step 2 are you stuck on: locating the freeze frame data or clearing the trouble codes? I would expect your scanner's documentation to describe each of those steps. Or am I completely misunderstanding where you're stuck?
  3. Jimmiee

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    What kind of a truck are you working on?
  4. Nick1

    Nick1 New Member

    2004 silverado 5.3L vortec, crew cab, z71
  5. Jimmiee

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    Whenever you get all the transmission circuit codes like this it usually is a low voltage problem. You can check the voltage at the transmission fuse while cranking the engine. If the voltage is low <less than 9 volts> then you have found the problem. Probably the ignition switch but be sure the battery is in good condition with clean cables. If the voltage is not low at the fuse then check it right at the transmission harness. Make sure the plug is clean and dry. If there is ATF in the plug you need a new harness.
  6. Nick1

    Nick1 New Member

    Okay!! Truck is getting in tomorow.. What is ATF?
  7. redneckarmyMP

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    Automativ Transmission Fluid
  8. Nick1

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    I have taken the car on a lift to un-plug all the connectors on the tranny, I also found out that my batterie is almost done but still good... Apparently I should change it.

    So I undid all the connectors, plays with the harness, replugged the connectors, replugged the batterie, cleared the codes and then the truck ran fine for a week. I parked the car for 2 days (I was out of town) then come back, I then ran the truck for a few hours, no where just like that the truck looses the first and second gear, starts direclty in third (when using 2 wheel drive) and sluggerish in AWD/auto mode. Again, I am driving my 09 silverado right now....but i need to get tha 2004 fixed..

    I will bring it to a diffrent mec. this week end show him this thread, hopefully you two can find and fix my problem ;)
  9. pelletman

    pelletman New Member

    What was the solution to the problem? I have the same issue
  10. Golbaguitar

    Golbaguitar New Member

    I'm having the same issue with my 05 Sierra. Any update on the solution?

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