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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by sstoner911, Mar 13, 2011.

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    Those are kind of spendy for shorties Stoner. I would opt for a set of long tube equal length headers if you're looking for more performance. As to whether to get the ceramic coating or not, depends on how long you plan on keeping your truck. If you're planning on keeping it more than 5 or 6 years I would get a set that's coated inside & out, especially if you make a lot of short trips & stop & go driving where your exhaust system doesn't get completely warmed up so it can evaporate all the moisture.
    Having the coating on the inside will keep them from rusting from the inside out. Additionally the coating has performance benefits.
  3. sstoner911

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    Would I have to modify my current exhaust to go to Long Tubes? I am looking for some performance - most of the ceramic long tubes I have been pricing are $600 +.

    Not sure what I should be paying for headers and whats the best setup for me I guess! :)
  4. stephan

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    I'd have a hard time telling somebody to spend $600. on a set of ceramic coated headers when I wouldn't do it myself. Maybe if you were going to keep the truck for 10 years or more you might be able to get your $$ worth out of them, but I think I'd rather paint & repaint them every couple years. If you go the paint route use VHT & nothing else. Lots of header paints out there but most of them are junk & don't last. Some so called header paints require you to cure them within 2 hours of being painted but it takes a lot longer than that to install them & fire the engine up to cure them lol
    Yes you will have to modify your exhaust system unless the manufacturer supplies a Y pipe for single exhaust, (flanges, cones, & slip over/clamp tubes for dual exhaust) & states in their documentation that there is no welding involved.
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    Pacesetter quality leaves alot to desire. If you go with long tubes you do have to modify your exhaust. Long tubes make more power than GOOD shorties. Shorties are easy to install and no exhaust mods. Takes about a hour to remove and install each side. DO get coated headers. Edelbrock and JBA make good quality shorties and have several coatings. I have JBA titanium coated on my truck for over five years and 86,000 miles with no issues, BUT if I do replace these headers I will get long tubes. I like the DynaTech's, AmericanRacingHeaders and the StainLessWorks. They are pricey but they fit, last and make power.
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    id go with some thurley tri y's.....that way you see gains in torque and the hp department
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    I looked and JBA doesnt seem to make a set for my truck.... American racing starts @ $1100.00..... a bit more than I want for my daily driver.

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    Mr Doug is about what I have been finding.. $600 +....

    Well...more research!
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    Honestly I would save up for a good set of long tubes and new y-pipe after getting my set of long tube headers it was well worth it would have done it that way to begin with instead of buying shortys first. Just my opinion but if you want the pacesetters don't buy them buy the summit racing brand for about 180 or whatever they cost now they are pacesetter headers even show up at your house in a pacesetter box complete with stickers!
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    I had JBA shorty's on my 6.0 GTO and they fit and preformed amazing!
  10. sstoner911

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    I did find JBA Stainless headers for $390 on AutoAnything....

    PaceSetter long tubes with Armour Coat $429

    PaceSetter Shortys $380

    The black finish in the pacesetters are about $100 cheaper.

    I guess my question is if I am looking for some HP gains - nothing dramatic... would the pacesetter shorties be fine...

    Seems on the web and some LS1 guys I talked to the biggest complaint is the finish... If it aint for show the pacesetters are fine.

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