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    ok. im not all that good with painting. ill probably use spray paint even though i have an air brushing kit and all. but i need to know the best way to sand the front bumper and the plastic on the bumper. which grit and all. i have plenty of room to setup a paint booth and ill have plenty of time when i go home on leave. all help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in a dvance.
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    Are you wanting to make it just a nice painting surface, or are you wanting to take off old paint/bumps/nicks?

    I'd go for 300ish if you have a bad surface... then 600. Before paint you want to go for something very fine like 1500/2000. Don't use your hand, at least get a cheap squeegie from the auto parts store (or paint store) - it's a little rubber rectangle about 5" by 3". Use that to wrap your paper around - use plenty of water and go slow!
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    naw no nicks or what not. all brand new pretty much. i just want to make a good painting surface and then paint and preserve. so all b4 i paint. sand with 600 then 1500 wrapped around a squeegie b4 painting?dont sound to bad. i have plenty of squeegies at my house already. thank for the info.
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    N/p. The squeegie is just to get the contour of the bumper and all. Makes it easy if you palm it with the sandpaper.

    Again, be careful with the 600 grit - it cuts faster than you think!

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