Painting certain parts of my truck. With spray paint

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    Unfortunately, Krylon is a step ahead of us. Their spray nozzles are solidly attached to the can. I have tried removing them before, and short of breaking it off, you can't do it.

    Does anyone recall that there was once a refillable aerosol can for dispensing auto-quality paint? Is it still made, and was it any good?
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    Man seeing those rims get painted gives me hope for my truck...I cant spend money on new seeing this I think I will paint mine black as well...I already have the white/black contrast going on with my truck so this would step it up...i just installed subwoofer/amp on it today (first time ever doing it) so as soon as the weather warms up I shall paint the rims too...awesome job!
  3. I did all my shopping at homedepot. I would be that I am in probably just under $100(best guess) and its been over damn near two or three weeks and their holding up awesome. Just make sure you get enough paint and clear and etching paint. Get your wheels clean and then wipe them down and scuff all the dirt of with 400-440grit sand paper(every inch of surface) then tape up the tire.
    next after its all set and ready, here's what you do:
    - 3or4coats of ETCHING PAINT
    -3coats black paint
    -3coats of clear coat
    -1coat black paint
    -2coats clear
    -1coat black
    -2coats clear
    After this I let them set in sun for about 30mins.

    And if you can use a air compressor to help dry the paint. But don't hold the nose close, hold it about 3-4ft above. And this should speed up the drying process.(hold it too close you blow a hole in the paint and fixing it is a pain.)

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