Painting engine cover...need ideas!

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by 1morepart, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. 1morepart

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    i have the 5.3L with the plastic engine cover that says vortec. any good ideas about paint schemes? i am thinking about painting the raised lines red and the vortec name and symbol. the rest i think i am going to use black...i am going with a high temp. paint....anyone have a picture of theirs? what kind of prep work does plastic need? thanks for all the help
  2. ferg's04

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    you are in for a real treat. i attempted the exact same thing last weekend. my recommendations are to not use spray paint as it pools up and doesn't stick to everything and to use make sure the tape is down firm, if it is not, the paint will run. it is also fairly hard to uncover the raised lines perfectly. i ended up painting the whole thing red to cover my mistake, later i will do stencil work on the sides. good luck:great:
  3. 1morepart

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    ouch....wasn't that hard on my plastic plenum cover on one of my stangs....jeez
  4. 1morepart

    1morepart Member

    is there a place that sells them painted?
  5. ferg's04

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    i didn't mean to talk you out of it, just that you should take your time and possibly use a brush instead of a spray can. it was just really frustrating for me:grrrrrr:

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    I would wipe it down a few times 3 or 4.. with a paint prep first. put a few coats primer on it ..It cant get that hot to need a high temp paint..its plastic. right??
  7. ferg's04

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    yes, it is plastic

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