Painting Original Wheels - Quick way to freshen up factory OEM Rims

Discussion in 'Detailing & Truck Care' started by newcheylover, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. newcheylover

    newcheylover Member 1 Year

    I have a 2001 Chevy Silverado and really like the factory wheels but they are oxidizing and flaking badly. I heard about people wire wheeling sanding then painting them. Is this possible? Id like to powder coat them but dont have the cash, so any ideas?
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  2. vncj96

    vncj96 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    I just did a set of 01 suburban/Tahoe wheels for my Silverado over the summer and they are holding up very well. It's all about correctly prepping each stage. I used a vinyl wire wheel to get rid of all the heavy oxidation and the original clear coat, and also used some really fine sand paper for the nooks and crannies. Then layered thin coates of primer then painted them a satin black again with numerous thin coates and finally satin clearcoat. I didn't use any special wheel paint, everything I used was rustoleam spray paint. These are holding up very well considering I live in MN and all the salt and grime they have already taken this winter.
  3. KidHauler

    KidHauler Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    Jason stole the idea from me, 'cept mine are steelies. The black satin is easy to blend, too, if you get a chip later on.

    Back in the day, guys used to use snow-bowl toilet cleaner to strip the clear from the wheels, but that was to re-polish them. If you're coloring over, than a big 'ol X2 on [MENTION=17440]vncj96[/MENTION], preperation is everything. I used sandpaper and green scotchbrite on mine.

    Good luck,
  4. newcheylover

    newcheylover Member 1 Year

    many thanks i know what ill be doing this spring
  5. Sierraowner5.3

    Sierraowner5.3 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    I did a set of rims off a 07 Sierra on my old 05 last spring, ill post some pics for ya.

    some 250 grit sandpaper 2 coats of primer, 3 of black and 3 of clear. they where holding up just fine until I traded the truck in for the one I have now (had a kid)


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  6. K15 Blazer Guy

    K15 Blazer Guy Member 2 Years 100 Posts

    those are exactly what i want for my blazer. they look great with the paint though =)

    i had a set of polished aluminum on my jeep. after one winter i decided im going to polish and clear coat these so the salt wont hurt them anymore! bad idea.
    though with the factory wheels.... it might be ok. theyre not highy polished.... and i can look closely and almost see paint on them already...
    ill let you know how they turn out
  7. K15 Blazer Guy

    K15 Blazer Guy Member 2 Years 100 Posts

    answer: yes you can
    used a super degrease cleaner, dried them fully, then used clear high gloss laquer... they look great. totally brand new now, and they stay cleaner cause brake dust has a hard time sticking to glossy paint
  8. Blamer

    Blamer New Member

    My partner and i used any vinyl line wheel to lose all this heavy oxidation plus the original obvious coat and also used several really mud paper with the nooks and crannies.
    Then split thin coates of primer subsequently painted these people a silk black all over again with numerous thin coates lastly satin clearcoat.
  9. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Wow, nice writeup. What a great way to refresh some wheels.

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