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    I see a ton of questions about painting interior and exterior plastic pieces on multiple forums, so I figured I'd give my .02. I don't claim to be an expert on the subject but I have done many pieces without air tools, without a shop, and using rattle cans and autozone bought products. The point of this is that you can make a show quality job on a budget if you take your time and relax.

    1. First step is to carefully remove the piece you are working on and wipe any dirt or dust off.
    2. Next clean off your piece with a wax remover, or acetone
    3. RINSE WITH WATER!!!! Your paint will bubble and flake if there is residue.
    4. Scuff up with steel wool or 500 grit sand paper. You can also in this step smooth out your part by working medium grit to fine sandpaper for an ultra smooth paint job, I start with 120 and work to 1500 grit.
    5. RINSE WITH WATER AGAIN!!!! Make sure you remove all dust from part and work area.

    7. Time to prime I use Duplicolor High build gray primer usually 2 coats of primer, follow all directions on the can, and remember light even coats.
    8. Light sanding on the part will 1000 grit sandpaper just to scuff it up.
    9. RINSE WITH WATER AGAIN!!!! The dust thing again.
    10. I use once again duplicolor car and suv paint you can buy a spray can to match almost any OEM color, once again listen to the can, I like around 4 or five coats personnaly you get the true color that you want from the spray paint.
    11. Let it cure for at least a day be patient. Trust me its worth the wait.
    12. Finally scuff it up again with 1500 or 2000 grit sand paper and wash off the dust.
    13. Use duplicolor crystal clear clear coat spray paint, I prefer 4 to 8 coats of clear depending on where the piece is located the more it is contacted by dirt or feet the more coats, wait 10 to 12 minutes between coats of clear wait 24 hours before handling.
  2. raisor87

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    finished product of a smoothed out dash on my old tacoma
    And the start of my interior rebuild of my sierra
  3. Steban

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    good job. i like the details. have you painted any other items on your truck.
  4. raisor87

    raisor87 Rockstar 100 Posts

    not yet but soon I will probably post a progress thread for my trucks interior redesign next year when I have time to actually start doing it
  5. 09mgray

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    how much did it all cost you? i wanna paint my dash trim, door handles and speaker grills

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