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  1. What's up I was wondering how people paint under the hood of your truck .. I seen some people have done it on theirs .. What kind of paint do you have to use or steps ? ... Thanks
  2. SurrealOne

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    I replaced my hoodliner out of necessity since the OEM hoodliner wouldn't work with a Reflexxion cowl induction hood. The custom hoodliner I now have in place is aircraft firewall material and it handles decals really well ... and paint rather poorly. Thus, what's under my hood is a decal, not paint.

    It's usually the hoodliner that's dressed up, by the way ... as lack of one under the hood can bake the paint off your hood.
  3. True I figured that .. That's why I was wondering if it was heat resistant paint of some sort .. But now I know it's the hood liner that has the decals
  4. TRPLXL2

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    What area are we talking about painting? Underside of the hood, or actual engine pieces like fuse box cover, engine cover, battery box??? Reason I am asking is I have custom airbrush work, pin striping, and almost everything painted to match single stage base coat, clear coat. Never had a problem with any of it, going on 5 plus years with it.
  5. underside of the hood ..what did you use?
  6. TRPLXL2

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    It's all painted with PPG shopline base coat/clear coat paint. Same stuff the factory uses to paint your vehicle. Here's the funny thing, all 3 of these vehicles have had no hood liner. Colorado 8 years, Silverado 4 years, S10 2 years. The engine is also painted in the same manner, in the one pic you can see the underside of the colorado hood. We have lexan squares painted gloss black, and held up with a special epoxy. Never had paint peel off, spray paint yes It won't hold up.

    ‚ÄčThe Silverado hood is now painted btw

    100_0775.jpg 100_0699.jpg 100_2683.jpg 100_2770.jpg 100_0423.jpg
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    you do this yourself?
  8. TRPLXL2

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    My boyfriend does all the paint work, he is retired now though. He used to do work on the side, but people are so picky he got tired of dealing with all the crap. The airbrushing and pinstriping we take to Aerographix in Elyria Ohio, Chris Macmahon is a great artist.
  9. Damn that looks really good
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    Leave your vehicle in direct sunlight on 110F days after driving it to get it to operating temps. Do this for days on end (a la 3 months straight) like folks in Texas, Arizona, etc. do -- where those 3 months are surrounded by yet more months in the 90's -- and give it a few years. The exposed paint on the hood of a vehicle with no hoodliner will be the first to go.

    You probably don't have that kind of sustained heat in Ohio, but I lost the paint on one hood for a vehicle with no hoodliner in Texas ... to precisely the kind of weather I just described. (It was, of course, never an issue when I had the same vehicle in Illinois.)

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