Parasitic Power Drain, tracking it down

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  1. drcrunch

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    2001 Tahoe LT
    Battery dropping dead. Tracked it thus far...222 milliamp current draw is constant even after several hours. If I pull the 10 amp TBC fuse or just disconnect the battery for a few seconds the normal vehicle sleep mode cuts in at about 2 minutes and the background draw drops to 11 milli amps (perfect). If I turn on the under hood lamp or open a door the cycle restarts as expected but the drain never drops below the 222 mark.

    Pull the ctsy lp fuse under the hood, no change in the overall behavior. If I go under the dash inside the inadv pwr relay is staying energized, it is warm to the touch even after a long period of time (replaced it to test it, no change). If I pull the inadv pwr relay then the draw drops to about 90 mA, still high but better (the load from the relay is removed). The behavior regarding pulling the TBC fuse or recycling power does not change, two minutes and it drops to 11 mA.

    I am thinking that the problem is likely in the TBC. It is staying awake due a stuck internal relay that calls the pwradv relay. Once the call for internal lighting or the hood light is made, it does not ever stop. Mind you there are no lights on when the relay is active.

    Any thought on the matter?
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    subscribed. dealing with the same in my 03 Z71

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