Parking brake shield--2 piece

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by pmd73, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. pmd73

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    Wanted to follow on the parking brake shield post ,got the parking brake shield replaced and used the two piece shield and it worked great.You don't have to pull the axle.Once you get the brakes off and the hub,work the parking brake shoe off.once you get it off you have plenty of room to get the bolts out with an 18mm wrench,i soaked them in P B blaster the nite before and came out easly`,i started out with an offset wrench till i seen i could get the shoe off,the one thing to be careful of is the clip that helps hold the shoe .It's at the bottom on drivers side and on top on the pass side.the little screw that holds it in on mine didn't take much to break it off and had to drill it and replace it.Other than that i was very happy the way it all went.Just take your time and it all goes together quite easy.The new shoes came in two piece which made getting the shoe on easy.Put it all back together and it works.Didn't have to work on the cable.Happy camper
  2. Pikey

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    I am glad to see that someone had a good experience using the 2 piece. I need to do one of them on my yukon, but never knew anyone that had used them. Thanks for your post
  3. dpeter

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    Glad to hear that also. How did you get the old shield off and was it the parking brake shoe that now a two piece?
  4. pmd73

    pmd73 New Member

    My old shield basicly just came appart it was so rusted.And the shield comes in two piece and the new shoes are also two piece.

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