Parking Brake Sticking on 05

Discussion in 'Chevy Colorado Forum (GMC Canyon)' started by hearseman, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. hearseman

    hearseman New Member

    My parking brake is sticking on my truck. It's an 05 2wd sport with the 3.5l and a 5 speed man. It started about a year or so ago when it was cold.I'd push the peddle down and when i went to release it the peddle would pop all the way up but had about 2-3 inches of free play in it.The brakes stuck pretty hard so i had to actually pull on the cable right under the drivers door and they would release without a problem. At first i thought it was ice and snow since it didn't happen when it warmed up it has done it all last summer and throughout this winter.I actually stopped the problem for a while by spraying down the mechanism inside with breakaway spray.That used to help but not anymore. I think the problem is in the peddle mechanism but not sure. I used to be a mechanic and my neighbor works for a GMC dealer and has never seen this before.Do i need to replace the whole mechanism or is there something easier? Ive gone through adjusting the cables and everything and that hasn't helped.The only thing that worked so far like a i said was spraying the mechanism with penetratiing oil which only worked for a short time. Any help would be great. Thanks
  2. Coolrado

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    Mine also sticks on my 05 but I don't think its the mechanism, I think its the first cable coming from the pedal down to where it splits into two cables. It seems to be a pretty common problem.
  3. BadBurban98

    BadBurban98 Rockstar

    it sounds like the cable has stretched do you apply it all the way to the floor? Have you looked at the rear brakes too maybe the spring to return the parking brake has gone bad
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  4. hearseman

    hearseman New Member

    I've had the brakes all apart twice already checking them and they look good.It just really through me off when i sprayed it that it worked fine. I know the cable design is kind of bad and exposed maybe i'll check into replacing the front cable and see how that works once it's a little warmer.
  5. hearseman

    hearseman New Member

    Just read something that the parking brake mechanism has a service bulletin on it that it sticks. Sounds just like my problem
  6. marine59

    marine59 Member

    05 colorado brake sticking

    hello i am a newmemberi have a 2005 colorado, i have had the same problem, emergency brake sticking, i had to remove brakes and cleaned the back plate, i used white lithium grease on backing plate and that fixed the problem. i also set emergency brake every time i park to keep the cable clean esp. in winter.good luck in future with the problem marine59

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