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  1. ok really weird.... but my pass side window decides to not work right now..... 5 mins ago it worked.
    now i get nothing on the pass side window switch.. but when i hit the drivers side switch it just clicks...(no the window lock isnt on)

    i took both switches out... unplugged.... waited, plugged back in( as if it would do nething.....not )
    turned truck off. and tried again...

    BUT NOTHING wth could be wrong... i just used it 5 mins ago.
  2. any1 have any ideas on what could be wrong?.... this truck seems like it's full of tiny lil electrical gremlins.
  3. Blazerado

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    If you get nothing when you hit the pass side switch and clicking when you hit the drivers side than you have 2 problems, both of which are common. The pass switch and regulator need to be replaced. Hope this helps, when u remove the door panel you should see the cable for the window has either broken or bound up. Start with the regulator though and yes it comes with the motor.
  4. well now im getting clicking at the pass side switch also.... idk if that makes a diff. it's just weird that it would go 5 mins after being used.
  5. Blazerado

    Blazerado Rockstar 100 Posts

    Best thing to do is to pull the door panel and check it out. Without being there its hard to say.

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