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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Vassili, Jan 20, 2010.

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    Hi everyone, I got a 96 GMC Sierra and it has a problem I've noticed a lot of other GMC's have. It started with the inside passenger door handle not working or barely working, you had to really pull on it and throw your shoulder into the door to get it to open, opens fine from the outside though. Then one day the door handle itself sheared off! I already removed the screws in the armrest and popped off the the ring around the lock and door handle as well as the power window control panel and the little triangle piece up by the mirror. But I cannot figure out how to get the rest of the door off. I know it involves popping those dang clips off but if theres a simple method for doing this let me know. Also, my remote entry will not unlock or lock the passenger side, to open it you have to use the key on the outside handle, the inside lock control will not lock or unlock it either. I imagine theres a few more GM's out there with these problems so let me know. Thanks!
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    Easiest way is with a trim removal tool. But, I have used a plastic spatula or a piece of plastic before too. Better have a few replacement clips on hand:great:
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    yeah, have some spare clips. If you don't have a spatula, use ur fingers and be careful.
  4. Wpowell

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    Yeah the tool is the key here for the door panel. Pop them at the bottom and then the panel lifts up to come out of the guide at the base of the window section. THere are many site you can go to to get the tool I like and on page 103 of the manual for your years truck is not only the tool but also the clips and also new door panels!!!

    The keyless entry is most likely due to the failure of the motor or driver on the keyless entry. Just under the door latch in the bottom corner of all doors is a small motor with a gear track that activates when you hit the button. You could have a wiring issue, connector issue, motor failure or have stripped the gears on this unit. If it was the gears you should hear it whin and grind but not activate. If it makes no noise at all I would then look at the motor or wiring issues.
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    I have a tool made for that from Matco. It looks like a pair of pliers but when you grab the handles it opens the jaws separating the panel from the door. I found these work better than the slotted screwdriver type tools.
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    thanks for the tips guys

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