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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by ghartone, May 30, 2008.

  1. ghartone

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    Has anyone installed the passenger side airbag in a 1999 Chevy Suburban 1500 4x4 (5.7) ? I've replaced the drivers side which was quite easy and explained in the Chilton's manual. There's no explanation in the manual on how to replace the passenger side. I know there are four bolts that hold the air bag in, I can easily get to two of them that are directly behind the front face of the air bag. I can not get to the top two that are facing towards the fire wall. Anyone have suggestions (other than taking it to a dealer that wants to charge close to $2,500 for replacing it?)

    Greatly appreciate.
  2. GaryL

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    I have not tried this, but this is some information I found.

    Removal (Passenger-Side)
    1) Before proceeding, see SERVICE PRECAUTIONS. Disable air

    NOTE: Instrument panel has pivot bolts located at far right and left sides of instrument panel.

    2) Roll instrument panel forward. Remove fasteners attaching
    air bag module to mounting bracket. Disconnect yellow 2-pin harness connector from mounting bracket. Remove CPA and disconnect passengerside air bag connector from harness connector. Remove passenger-side air bag module.

    To install, reverse removal procedure. Connect air bag module
    to mounting bracket using 2 new retaining clips to hold module in position. Install fasteners and tighten to 89 INCH lbs. (10 N.m). Roll instrument panel into position and secure. Activate air bag system.

  3. kohler925

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    ghartone...did you have any luck changing your airbag? I am trying to do the same thing and having no luck. If you could help me out in anyway that would be awsome!
  4. ghartone

    ghartone New Member


    I haven't had a chance to do this, my wife who is only 4'9", isn't keen on airbags and hasn't pushed to get this done.
  5. iamreggielee

    iamreggielee New Member

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has used the procedure from garyl yet or if there was anyone who has replaced the passenger side airbag on a 99 chevy tahoe that could tell share what entails! It would be much appreciated!

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