Passenger side water leak

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  1. fpb1529

    fpb1529 New Member

    I have a 99 Suburban. I fixed my A/C condensation leak from blowback by installing the condensation tube that was missing. Now when it rains hard or I test it with a water hose, water builds up and leaks from the bottom of the box behind the blower motor under the dash on the passenger side. The bottom of this box can be pressed up it may be a door. I took the cowl off (piece behind the wipers) but I could not see anything on the passenger side. I do not believe it is the window leaking or a screw hole from the cowl, there is too much water. Any help would be appreciated
  2. disola

    disola New Member

    did you get it fixed and what was it

    I have the same problem and it is driving me crazy
  3. Sejone63

    Sejone63 New Member

    My 1999 suburban has the same leak. Last week when I came home from vacation my fan squirl cage was froze to the fan housing because a puddle of water had accumulated and froze during the cold weather. I would like to know how to find the condenser drain tube and possibly find out if the fresh air intake for the ac has a drain line that might be plugged. Or how does the fresh air intake keep from filling with water when it rains??

    thanks for any help,
  4. skibikesoccer

    skibikesoccer New Member

    99 suburban passenger water leak

    I also have had a water leak [that i have noticed] for about 6 months. It was first noticed this past summer on a highway trip when there was an extreme downpour and enough water was coming in to drip on the passengers feet. It now occurs everyday this winter even days with no rain.

    I have managed to figure out that it comes down the fresh air intake duct that connects to the chamber infront of the windshield. I have used a garden hose to test and have managed to get water to splash into the intake duct, but it is not continuous. It seems to be related to how the water moves down into the air chamber and ocasionally it can spash up into duct.

    I am tempted to open the panel above and fix whatever i see, is there anything to fix?
  5. X-Hibition

    X-Hibition Rockstar 100 Posts

    I have the Husky Liner floor mats and they contain all the water that drips down (if emptied daily), but that doesn't seem like a solution.

    Who's got the fix?
  6. Sejone63

    Sejone63 New Member

    leaking Suburban

    I caulked the two screws holding down my cowling on the passagner side right under the wiper. This fixed the water leak. Those screw hold used to have rubber washers under the cowling to keep water out. Since I caulked the screw holes not a drop of water on the floor under my fan.

    Thanks for everyones help.
  7. Nicole

    Nicole New Member

    solved my tahoe leak

    I just got done fixing my tahoe leak. My hvac control module kept getting wet everytime it rained.
    We replaced it 3x before finally solving our problem. Under the wiper cowl on the passenger side you will find an access panel. Our seal went bad, as rain water was getting in and leaking in through the access panel and running down into the air intake causing control module to get wet and circuit board shorted out leaving us with no air/heat. I put a thick amount of automotive sealant around access panel and also on the 2 screws that held down the wiper cowl. Let the sealant dry overnight. And its fixed. Hope this helps anyone with our same issue.

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