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Discussion in 'Maintenance & Upkeep' started by kennyb79, Feb 22, 2010.

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    I came across a used suburban on a car dealers website, noticed it had a carfax, and clicked on it. I was surprised to notice that the carfax report reported about every maintenance item ever performed on that suburban and wht the mileage was. I ran a carfax on my suburban when I cought it, but it certainly wasn’t as extensive as that one. I know when you go back to the dealership they enter repairs under the vin # and this carfax also showed some info from pep-boys. Does anybody know where all this info really goes? Is there a dealership website out there that keeps it all? I would love to be able to check all of the repairs done on my suburban when the original owner had it…
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    It depends on where the vehicle was serviced. Some dealers and service centers report to Carfax and AutoCheck and others do not report. On my last truck which was a Dodge the service manager at the dealer I bought from had a contract with Carfax to report service for like 3 years 2006-2009 and when it expired they didn't renew it and service visits were no longer reported.
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    CarFAX is about useless ! NOBODY puts " truck has been wrecked " . " truck has bad engine "

    I have driven my 96 from new and it truley has been a LEMON from day one !

    The CARFAX is clear ! No mention of EXPLODING MANIFOLD ! , NO NEW ENGINE LISTED !

    The truck EATS fuel pumps ! NOPE NOTHING !
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    carfax is not %100 percent honest

    you can have a dealer run the vin and tell you all the warranty repair that has been made

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