PCM B Fuse blowing on '91 sub, 350 TBI -- PLEASE HELP

Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by rdnkdrummer, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. rdnkdrummer

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    I haven't found many helpful posts about this so I'm asking myself...what in the HELL does the PCM B fuse go to?

    I've read things about fuel pump, fuel pump relay, ecu, ignition switch, etc. No one really seems to have hit the nail on the head yet.

    My dilemma: twice in the last week my truck has randomly died while driving. Culprit: Blown PCM B Fuse. Engine still getting fire...will run for a few secs when gas is poured down TB and started. Which tells me it's fuel-pump related. That's all I know. I know others are still trying to figure this out as well.


    And thanks :)

    PS, how bad would it be for me to just put a 10A circuit breaker in the fuse slot? I've done it before with the idle/gage fuse that was blowing randomly on another truck, with no problems.
  2. rdnkdrummer

    rdnkdrummer Rockstar

    Figured I'd bump/update this one in case anyone is having similar issues...

    PCM B has to do with the fuel pump, and shuts it off if the fuse blows. In my case, there's a small short somewhere in the circuit that trips when I drive over very bumpy or gravel roads. I put a circuit breaker in, hasn't been an issue since, as the problem is never more than 1/2 second.

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