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  1. AJ008

    AJ008 New Member

    Has anyone done the PCM4Less burn on their 08 5.3L Silverado? I am very interested, i have heard great things about other burns, like on the Colorados and corvettes but not much on the silverado.
  2. Clarke33

    Clarke33 New Member

    Hello, totally new to the site. I saw the PCM4Less name and thought I would comment. I just bought a new '10 Silverado and gave them a call to ask about them doing a tune for me. They did a tune for me in the past on my'06 HHR and it worked out fine. I put the HHR back stock when I traded it in so had the ECM I wanted to get rid of. I had called and asked for Alvin or Brian but neither was available. I don't know who I talked to but he was pretty rude when I asked him if I could trade the HHR ECM in for credit against the tune for the Silverado. Several of the other tuners do this but it was an immediate "no" when I asked. To be honest it P.O.ed me enough to look elsewhere. I am going to go with Blackbear or a local tuner that works for my local dealership. He has done work for me in the past that I was happy with. Just my 2 cents worth.
  3. MAsZ71

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    After installing both my exhaust and intake upgrades, I had Alvin at PCM4Less do a performance tune on my '07 SIlverado 5.3L (GMT900). The tune, coupled with the transmission shift adjustments, REALLY made a very noticeable improvement to performance. REALLY worth doing in my opinion! Even though I don't have any personal experience with Black Bear, I have heard nothing but excellent feedback on their tuning as well. You can't go wrong with either one.

    You didn't mention whether you have done any performance mods yet. If you haven't, but are planning to install exhaust and/or intake mods, I would wait and do the tune afterwards.

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