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Discussion in 'Maintenance & Upkeep' started by Cowpie, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. buckmeister2

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    Yes, I have found that on my research today, although most people are putting it in at the brake booster line, probably because it is easily accessible. I will do one or the other...I am eager to see how the catch can works on an engine with as many miles as mine. thanks!
  2. buckmeister2

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    I got a catch can off ebay, and installed about a month ago. It was cheap, but it does have a sight tube. I have about 600 miles on the truck since, and can't see any oil in the tube. I am taking a trip this weekend, about 1K miles, and will check after that. I tried to post pics onto your thread, but they would not take.

    jim, las vegas
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    This time of year, the majority of what you should see is the milky oil/condensation mix. The colder weather really creates and environment where I am getting gobs of condensation and oll mixed. Sometimes, even more water than oil, so that I actually have some clear water standing in the reservoir. Just makes one sick to think this stuff would be heading to the intake if it wasn't caught. Check out the latest post by BoltRipper in this thread on another forum.

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    I was looking at the catch can's on Ebay.. I was curious if they can be taken apart? Is it just an empty can or is there filter material inside to catch the "mist" or oil in air? I thought about buying one but I dont think just an empty can is going to be all that efficient. But if it can be taken apart to put some filtering material in there then I am thinking about getting one. The square ones look like they can be taken apart and I did see a round one that had what looked liked small bolts holding the top on. For $30 if it can be taken apart I think that it would definitely be a worth while investment.

    couple I was looking at

  5. buckmeister2

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    The one you provided an ebay link to (red one) can be taken apart at the top, or so it appears. Mine cannot, but it was only $15 shipped. I agree that, if you want it to be efficient, there needs to be something inside to "catch" the particles. I am going to run my cheap one for a few thou miles and see what is in it. If there is even a film inside, I will then buy one that can be taken apart to hold some form of loose media, or an actual filter. Another option is to put a line filter in the downstream line from the can. That would allow the can to catch whatever it does, and the easily accessible/replaceable filter to catch the rest.
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    Well I just got my square catch can from Ebay today and they sent me the wrong color. I ordered red for obvious reasons and they sent me blue.. Sending it back if they have red in stock.. Since I had it though I would take it apart to see what was inside. Sure enough it was just an empty can with just fittings on the top. There was no seperation of the in and out fittings on the top. I think a tube needs to be attached to the inlet that takes the oil/air down into the can some(maybe half way) and then some sort of media in between the in and out to catch the airborne oil. I guess for $30 you get what you pay for but its nice that it can be modified by taking it apart IMO.
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    To be totally blunt, if the catch can has no filtration media, especially before the outlet back to the intake on the engine, you will not get any serious results. A lot of what you hope to catch will go right on thru.
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    Now the question is what is the best media to use for filtration. It obviously needs to withstand oil and not break down but also catch the oil and let it drop into the can and not just pass through.. mmmmm maybe something like choy boy scrubby thats made of metal as a media. Anyone else for ideas.
  10. Cowpie

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    Whatever you put in there, make sure that no fine particles of the stuff can be sucked out and into the intake. Depending on the media used, it could do some real damage in a combustion champed. This is a good case for why when someone decides to do this mod, they should buy a quality unit that has all of the details worked out internally.

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