PCV oil catch can/separtor

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Cowpie, Jul 2, 2013.

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    with this separator one end goes to the pcv and the other to the throttle body ? any oil getting by the pcv is captured in the separator and is not sent to the / thru the throttle body.

    with this being a new vehicle did the separator catch any oil ?
  3. Cowpie

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    You got it. This filter goes between the PCV outlet in the driver's side valve cover and the intake manifold. On the 5.3L in the Silverado, the inlet to the manifold is on the very top and not thru the throttle body like on some of the cars. Just put it on last night, so too soon to see any results.

    Will see how much is getting caught by this system. Whether the vehicle is old or new, oil in some measure always gets transported right along with the gasses that are drawn up thru the PCV. Will post pics at various intervals showing how much is being caught. I am cognizant of the fact that this particular brand of setup may not do as well as I hoped. I am looking at a couple of other units if this one does not do well. There are several folks on other forums that have had excellent results from this one, so I decided to give it a try.

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    Decided to go out and take a pic. Put about 130 miles on the pickup since last night. Here is the oil the filter took out of the PCV system just in 130 miles......

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    Is nice.
    I like.
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    How long did that take? I wouldnt mind doing something like that myself

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    Guess I should read more next time
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    Got a feeling this thing is going to catch a lot of oil riding along with the crankcase gasses. This is after just over 200 miles.....

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    questions about oil separator hookup

    I have on '01 5.3 with 180K on the speedo. I would like to do this, but have a couple questions. First, the tube mine has is a hard tubing, feels like it might be metal, with a soft rubber cover over it. Did yours have that? I had never checked it before, and would have thought it would just be a stout rubber hose, but there is definitely an inner core. I don't know if I want to cut that core, and mess with plumbing a rubber hose to it on both sides. Second, looking at the setup you have, why could you not use a good-quality air compressor oil separator? they are rated to 140 psi, and I don't think the PCV hose is pushing that kind of pressure. Any thought on both of these questions? thanks
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    Do you have it mounted by only zip-ties?

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    I had to check mine because of what you said and I too have the inner core
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    Yep. I just mounted it to the brake master cylinder reservoir by zip ties. I wasn't looking for something fancy. This is a truck that can't stay clean for 24 hrs. Good 'ol farm/rural pickup that doesn't go to truck shows and such. The ties are working just fine. The unit has a bracket for a more permanent installation. I am waiting to see if this unit is a long term thing, or if I need to go with something else. No use doing a major installation until I know for sure. So far, I am optimistic.

    One could use an air compressor filter thing as long as the filter portion is rated for petroleum and solvents. Many air compressor separators are primarily used for water separation. Do your due diligence. Since the total cost to do this would not be much of a difference between the Jegs unit and the proper air compressor unit, it almost seemed ridiculous to quibble about pennies on the install. If we were talking about this and one of those $140 catch cans, it would mean something.

    I did not have any inner core to the stock hard PCV hose. Just stiff plastic. Easy cut and insert job.
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    Does this do anything to improve performence or increase mpg's? After adding a set up like this, should something be done to clean the intake manifold?

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