PCV oil catch can/separtor

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Cowpie, Jul 2, 2013.

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    Keep that engine clean. Burn gas, not oil (unless you've got a diesel!).

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    oil separator benefits

    performance improvement would be dependent upon your engine. A really hi-performance, high compression engine will benefit more, as the oil that is getting put back into the combustion chamber with the fuel is reducing the octane power of the fuel. Separating the oil out from the fuel gives you cleaner fuel, which will burn better. Even in a stock LS motor, there will be benefit, but it may be small, as in just a few horsepower, or a tenth or two of one MPG. Your engine will breathe cleaner, regardless, and ultimately run a bit better. if your engine tends to "ping" or detonate only on rare occasions, the separator might fix that, as the oil in the fuel is reducing the effective octane rating, which can cause detonation. Now, my only question is about that core inside my PCV hose. Earlier models of the 5.3 have a PCV hose that is rubber on the outside, but some kind of hard core inside. I have not removed mine to see what it is. does anyone know if that is just another rubber hose? I don't want to cut mine if it is a metal core.
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    I am considering doing this. I may spot by my old job and see if my old boss has any small Norgren separators laying around.
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    oil separator

    So, Kyle...that harder core inside is just black plastic tubing, wrapped on the outside with rubber insulator hose? that is what the "early" instructions looked like. Have you cut yours yet to see? Jim
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    I actually installed my Moroso unit yesterday.
    photo (6).jpg photo (5).jpg photo (4).jpg
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    Hey Cowpie -
    Any further thoughts on how your Jegs is working out? What other units are you condsidering?Any difference in how your truck performs? You mentioned in your first post that you found information of this set at other forumds. Can you post what the forums are? Even though I have a 4.3L engine, I'd like to do some more research.
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    The Jegs unit has already caught a fair amount of oil in the short time it has been on. I am quite surprised that so much oil is being brought along with the crankcase gasses into the intake. While the Jegs unit seems to be doing a good job, I primarily put it on to see if the idea that something was needed was reality. Well it is, so I am looking at a couple of other better units. One is the RevXtreme can and the other is a can sold by Corvette Custom Accessories.



    No way to really tell if any performance difference. I only had 1000 miles on the pickup when I did this. As for other forums, I got introduced to this idea on the www.silveradosierra.com forum under the 5.3L engine section and then just started doing web searches on other forums. Lot's of info out there to consume a lot of your time.
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    Yeah, I would agree! Does look a little cheesy. But I wanted to try something to see how much of this whole PCV oil thing was realistic or just a bunch of hooey. I am solidly convinced that this is a problem. I will be moving up to one of the top notch catch cans soon. Though the Jegs unit looks like a relabeled compressor unit, it sure has separated out a LOT of oil already. Better than nothing, I suppose, but I am moving up to something better, more than likely, the RevXtreme can.

    Since they got brought up a few posts back, I would sure like to see the internals of the Moroso cans to see how they are doing their thing. Anyone got any pics to share?

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