PCV oil catch can/separtor

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Cowpie, Jul 2, 2013.

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    Like I said somewhere, just add another Jeg's in-line and be done with it.

    My "big boy" version of the Lowe's Kobalt is working fine.
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    I am pretty sure that the Watts unit on that page is a F504-02 AH, that is for the plastic bowl. The metal bowl version is F504-02 DH. They can be had for around $33 if you search around online. If you know a supplier then you can get them cheaper. I am waiting on a call back with my cost now. Yes, they do not have the long aluminum bowl as pictured in the link. But, according to that page you can order their "special filter media retrofit" for $25
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    Yes, you can order the filter retrofit, but you would also have to have the longer aluminum bowl already. The newer filter is longer than the stock one. And the stock watts unit is a 1.5" unit and the CP unit is either 1.5" or 2". The glass version is only 2". The longer Aluminum bowl in 1.5" almost makes buying a watts unit like you stated and trying to "retrofit", the same price overall. Sometime it just doesn't pay to try and reinvent the wheel. Nothing wrong with the stock Watts unit or two inline. Not what I want for my purposes. I want more oil capacity. The wife primarily uses the pickup and I primarily drive a semi. I don't want to have to constantly be checking a smaller unit to see if it needs dumped. And since I want larger capacity, it just seems logical to also get better filtration.
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    I don't understand why the company uses the F504, Here is info that I just got from my watts supplier.
    F504 - Particulate (20 micron polypropylene elements - H
    F501 - Coalescing (.3 micron element - H)
    F507 - Oil removal (.7 micron element - O

    The F504 is considered a particulate and a water filter not a Coalescing or oil removal filter. It is not even tested by Watts for pressure drop when the element is wet with oil like the F501 & F507 is. Although the element material is the same. I am sure that what CS makes may work just fine. But, as you stated multiple times above, "Why not use something made for the specific purpose". You also state that you want "better filtration" The
    501 and 507 claim 95% and 99.97% efficiency depending on what element grade you go with. The only issue I see with the 501 and 507 is the max flow is 10 CFM while the 504 is 22cfm. You could also move into the 10F13H. I don't know that that much flow is needed for the PCV system. I understand that the capacity of these are not nearly what you would like. I am debating which watts filter to order and then I will talk to my machine shop about the cost of producing an extended capacity bowl. I am not all that concerned about the 1 oz capacity for my application, but if the price is right I may upgrade to a larger bowl. I understand your need for a larger bowl.

    Check out his page from Watts with descriptions of each of their filters.
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