Performance Accessories (kit #10223) 3" Body lift

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    Hello everyone,

    Let me start like this, I have lifted a few trucks in my days in the shop, we mostly work on off road vehicles that are not daily drivers, lifting trucks for off road use, is a little different then lifting a daily driver(on highway), so the common practice of steel pillars and hockey puck shims, does not apply, and a more comprehensive system is recommended.
    We found a kit put together by Performance accessories that did just this. Now Honestly any well stocked shop, equipped with modest fab capabilities you could build a lift kit from whats in the shop. but we found one that did it all for a very modest price of under 350.00 us. the kit was complete, and provided everything needed and an easy to follow instruction set for the DIY folks, with nothing more then a floorjack, block of wood , hand tools , and a torque wrench. You will need a helper but this kit could be installed by anyone.

    3"lift kit #10223
    Chevy Colorado
    GMC Canyon
    Body Lift

    Here is another product review, for
    Packaging ................... 10 out of 10
    Instructions................... 8 out of 10
    Product quality..............10 out of 10
    Ease of installation..........9 out of 10
    Soft ware......................NA out of 10
    Accessory options...........NA out of 10
    Equipment versatility .....10 out of 10
    Online tech support.........7 out of 10
    Phone live support........ NA out of 10
    Staff and sales ...............9 out of 10
    Shipping time................. 9 out of 10
    possible 80 review points

    Performance Accessories total score 72 out of 80
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    I've been a longtime fan of Performance Accesories, I think I bought my first body lift from them in the mid 80's when they were still operating out of a 2 car garage attached to the owners home and I've had very few issues with their products.
    Any issues I have had they promptly corrected once I talked to them.
    Unlike so many companies that grow larger and forget who purchased their products and helped them grow, Performance Accessories remains true to their customers and will exhaust every chance they get to make a happy customer and learn from issues to improve service and product lines.
    This is a fact I know about them due to issues we had on body lifts for mid 90's Toyota trucks.
    After we experienced issues they sent 2 reps out with a new body lift kit and solicited a member of our club to have the lift put on his truck by club members with the reps assisting to see where the root of the issue was.
    After seeing the problem they took their findings back and made changes to the kits to make them more user friendly and a better overall kit for the customer.
    Most companies do all their product install and use evaluations in a well equipped shop where any issue can be instantly handled, these guys stepped into the garages of mechanics using their product and took a look at how it was done on the front lines.
    They also spent 2 sepparate weekends with us evaluating how the vehicles were used off and on-road in order to determine if there were any other changes that could be made to manufacture a better product.
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    true customer service is rare these days as the almighty buck gets in the way . It is good to see that company's who reinforce customer satisfaction are still around and doing well.

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