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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by drumm14, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. drumm14

    drumm14 Rockstar

    Im bored and after installing new bushings, ball joints, new front end chassis parts, shock hoop kit< i want to do a camshaft. What camshafts work the best for lifted trucks like mine? im running 37"s, hypertech programmer, open exhaust,and intake. There are tons of cams out there and I was wondering who has come across the best fitting cam.
  2. KyleZ71

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    Yeah I know what you mean. I want a high performance one for mine for when I do my exhaust.
  3. Greg84

    Greg84 Rockstar 100 Posts

    Call or email one of the major cam manufacturers.. Comp cams has an online form you can fill out with your truck's specs and they'll suggest one that will work well for your application. Or if you'd rather do it in person, find a local tuning shop who can tune your truck for the cam you once you have it installed and see what they recommend. Even if someone on here had the same truck as you and said "use x cam, its great", they might use their truck on an off road trail where they need power off of idle so the cam is for that and it might not work well if you use your truck in sand dunes running above 3,000rpm all day, or if your truck never leaves the road and you don't want to lose a ton of fuel economy.
  4. KWG08VMI

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    X2 on Greg84. where you drive and how you drive play major parts when it come to cam selection.
  5. dualdj1

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    x3. Those guys know best on what cams fit the application. Now if you narrow it down to 2,3,5 different choices (or brands), then I'm sure we can help you get to the right one for you.
  6. drumm14

    drumm14 Rockstar

    I was debating between TR220 cam and Comp Cams truck XFI cam used with programmer.

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