Performance Changes from Changing Tire Size/Diameter

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by wmkess, May 8, 2013.

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    you really wont notice much unless you are coming from the 4.3 v6 with 3.43 gears like me lol i upgraded to 4.10s and am theoretically left with a little bit more power than stock according to my tire size to gear ratio.

    I hear this all the time when people talk about getting bigger tires and wheels. more than likely 99% of people getting aftermarket tires and wheels will be getting aluminum wheels which is always significantly lighter than the factory steel wheels, regardless, the only thing thats going to affect your mpg is tire size AND tire width...

    weight of a tire??? unless each tire is about 200 pounds heavier than you will never notice a single difference simply because of the weight of the tire...

    thats like saying you lose 2 mpg just because you have a person in the passenger seat...

    a simple 10-15 pounds extra to each tire on a truck is like adding a tank top on your body, it aint gonna change anything about your power...
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    agreed as there is alot that goes into it.

    Using my truck as an example I went from 3.73 (31" tires) to 4.10 (35" tires) when I lifted it. I did the 4.10 (which is taller than a stock effective gear ratio) because the truck was my daily driver and mostly highway mileage. The 4.10 kept the rpms low on the highway and I actually lost no mpg after lifting (an oh so awesome 12mpg). In all honesty if I were to do more towing or lived in an area in the mountains again the 4.56 would be a much better option for me. Now to the tires part. My stock wheels were actually very light and I used those for a while with the 35" tires (and they were all terrain tires). I later switched rims and tires (still 315/75/16), once again rims were not very heavy but I went to a hybrid AT/MT tire and I lost about 1 mpg with that change. I only had highway tires in the stock form for 10 days (truck was then stolen and when I got it back I put all terrain tires on it as the smugglers put a beat up set of off road tires on it), and with the 1 or 2 tanks of gas on those I had maybe a 1-2 mpg increase over the all terrains. Unfortunately lots of factors go into mpg like the 10% ethanol in gas or the summer and winter blends here in CA.

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