Performance chip it is worth it?

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by walmart player, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. walmart player

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    I'm thinking of buying a performance chip for my truck for the extra H.P. and the extra mpg but mostly for the power. What I'm wondering is are these chips bad for the engine/computer in the truck. Also if anyone has put these in their truck already what kinds of gains did you get and what chip do you guys recommend. I have a 04 Sliverado 4x4 with a 5.3 stock everything as I just bought the truck ;P. Thanks in advance for your input.
  2. AnimalYates

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    I've been looking at performance mods as well for my stock 5.3. Upon some research it seems like getting a custom tune from blackbear of diablew is a good route to go. It seems like products like Edge programmers don't have enough gains to justify the cost. Hopefully someone with actual experience can chime in to help.

    And I see you're from over in Wilmington! I live in Franklin, probably only a 45 minute drive or so? Small world.
  3. Big_Mike

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    Although I don't have personal experience from using a chip, from what I've heard, there shouldn't be any harm done if you decide to use one. Being that the tuning that will be done is not to an extreme (like leaning out the air/fuel mixture excessively and risking burning pistons). I say talk to someone at an engine performance shop.

    Just keep in mind that depending on the severity of modifications, the octane of fuel used may have to be increased, fuel flow increased, and ignition timing adjusted. And I would say that if you increase the power, wouldn't fuel economy decrease? As you probably know, manufacturers set up computers on vehicles with parameters (preset values for the various systems for engine operation). These values offer the optimum balance for fuel economy, power, and reliability. Hope that helps! Best of luck with whatever you decide to do!

    Also check out the book: "Haynes: Engine Performance." It's a great book full of useful information about engines and modding them (as the name implies). Check out this link:
  4. barefoot greg

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    I have the DiabloSport Predator Tuner in my truck, Mines a 04 1500 with the 5.3 and in my opinion a performance tuner is one of the most "bang for your buck" mods out there.

    I noticed a difference right away which most people will tell you is far more than to expect when adding a CAI, or TBI, or new mufflers. Used in conjunction all the latter will work together to improve HP, Torque, and MPG. However a Performance Programmer by itself will make a far more noticeable difference that any one of the above listed for the cost.

    From the factory they set up the computer to a more general setting to try to appease to everyone. But no two people drive the same way, nor do they use their trucks for the same purpose. Many Programers offer "plug n play" capability that allows you to dial in your truck to suit your own needs/ preferences while on the go. If you're hauling something or wanna smoke somebody leavin a stopsign you can crank up the HP & Torque, or if you're drivin basically empty just goin for groceries etc. you can turn them down and get better mileage. Also, Im not sure if they all do this but mine saved the factory settings onto itself as a back up file so if you trade in the truck or dont like it, it can be set back to normal. People with teenage children might find this useful for when they wanna borrow the vehicle :tongue:

    Hope this info was helpful,

  5. SurrealOne

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    This is spot-on. The DiabloSport devices differ from most in that you can get a custom tuner (like @06MonteSS, on this site) to craft custom tunes for your vehicle based on logged information you provide from the tuner. This costs a little more but you get the MOST bang for your buck with a custom tune because even the canned tunes on handheld devices are still relatively generic -- whereas a custom tune is specific to how your engine breathes and burns fuel.

    The DiabloSport Predator was, by the way, replaced by the DiabloSport InTune. Also, NBS trucks (and later) don't require replacement of a chip; you just use a handheld device to flash program what's in the truck. It's a little unsettling when you do it the first time (always that fear of 'will I brick my truck?') but if you can read and follow instructions you'll do fine.
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  6. 06MonteSS

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    the diablo programmers come with 87 octane and 91 octane tunes on them... and if you were to get a custom tune done for the diablo programmer/your truck, the custom tune can be done for either octane level, so no worries... I do it all the time... ;)

    I also sell both the diablosport inTune and Trinity programmers, and offer a package deal for them that includes my custom tuning at a reduced rate so you'd save some $$... please feel free to hit me up if interested or have any questions...
  7. COACH

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    interested in a programmer for an 04 Z71...get 1 from u or store??? price? thanks
  8. 06MonteSS

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    you can email me at: diablo DOT help AT gmail DOT com with your truck year, model, engine, any mods done to it, etc. and I can send you all the info about the programmers, the custom tuning, the process, etc.. Thanks

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