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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by $ilverado, Jul 17, 2009.

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    being it is 1/10 the cost of any other chip, may say something. Its not a selectable unit. On one hand if it sucks you wasted 25.00 but it has a money back gaurantee. If it fails and destroys the truck your out much more than that. If it works you made a nice upgrade for only 25 bucks. You may also want to check to see if the business is part of the BBB. Might also do a internet search might give some reviews. Just my .02
  3. Performance Chips like that are snake oil. All that is in there is a ten cent resistor to trick the IAT sensor to think that there's cooler air going into the intake then there really is.
    This can cause problems depending on how much of a temperature difference there is and is not the proper way to tune. There is a table in your truck's computer which monitors Intake Air Temperatures and adjusts timing accordingly. This is put in place to safe guard your truck from knock which reduces performance and damages the engine.

    The right way to get have a performance chip, is to have a knowledgeable tuner tune your truck or get a hand held tuner such as a Diablo Sport among others.

    The best part of a hand held tuner, is you can adjust parameters as your mods increase, along with getting custom tunes done by diablo sport. Any hand held tuner purchased from us you'll get support from us on how to fine tune the hand held tune to your truck/car.
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    jesus christ
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    I would never put this kind of device on my truck, the price says it all to me, I would be really worried to mess up my truck, do it the right way with headers, filter, a good tune, stuff like that but no cheap chip.
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    Don"t do it.
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    it screams gimmick

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