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  1. snk02blazer

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    hi everyone, just bought my first tb about a week ago now and have already put 2000 miles on it now im looking for anyone else that has installed any aftermarket items such as exhaust, intake, or throttle body spacer on theirs and if so what kind of change did you get in mileage or performance? and was it worth it?
  2. asstda2b

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    I have done stuff to mine. I put a K&N Air intake, JBA Exhaust, DJM lowering kit. Last time I checked there wasn't much for a TB. or should I say not a lot like there is for a truck. I live in Los Angeles, CA and take a freeway that is known out here as a parking lot, so I have noticed a little difference. I am in to aftermarket stuff. I have never driven a stock vehicle. I do have some websites that I would suggest to buy from as I have always bought all my stuff through a few certain companies. My aftermarket add ons I did more for looks and sound.

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