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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by Tim Josey, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. Tim Josey

    Tim Josey New Member

    Hi all, this is my first post and have done a search for rocker arms that change the valve lift for more power & torque. Someone mentioned that these were available. Anybody heard of these before. I have an 05 1500 4d 4 wd. 5.3. Overall it runs pretty well except when I pull my motorcyle enclosed trailer. It seems a little lacking in low-end torque.
    Any other advice is appreciated ( except for engine replacement) . I've heard that a tuner such as SuperChips or Bulldog would help also.


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  2. phoebeisis

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    Usually higher ratio rocker arms increase peak HP and increase torque higher up the power band.
    It is pretty much the same story for many simple power adding things like CAI, exhausts and most cams.The get more air/fuel mixture in by getting better filling at the higher RPMS. The OEM engineers have already biased the power curve to get as much power/torque as possible in the lower range while still making decent peak hp.
    Some cams- tow cams- do claim to increase lower RPM torque.
    Change gearing or just make sure you keep it in a low gear while towing.
    I would just try to tow in a lower gear- or when you climb just drop it in a lower gear.

    You already know the things that will increase lower RPM power/torque
    1)Higher compression
    2)More displacement-bore or stroke or different motor- too expensive most of the time
    3) Supercharging, turbocharging or N2O- hard on the motor, and supercharging is expensive

    The chip companies say they can increase lower RPM torque-tough to beat the OEM engineers, but they claim they can.

    Getting more low end power/torque without expensive engine mods is the Holy Grail-. N2O is the cheapest way to really get more Torque-seriously more torque/hp.The Chip makers say they can- my guess is the gains are pretty small- if they make 20lb ft more torque at 3000 RPMs I would be surprised. I doubt you can more than barely actually feel 20 lb ft more torque-about a 6% increase.
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  3. stephan

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    Hey Tim, welcome to the GM truck club. X2 what Phobeisis says. Small steps for small gains, or else big expensive ones lol.. There are other gains that you can make before resorting to higher ratio rockers.
  4. Tim Josey

    Tim Josey New Member

    Yeah, I know all about more HP/TQ costing some $$$. I have an 04 HD ultra that I built the motor from stock 88 ci to 120 ci. Had to bore cases to fit the over size cylinders and a stroker crank that I had welded, balanced and retrued . NOt to mention extensive head work,pistons and a mid/upper end set of gear drive cams, heavy duty oil pump/w cooler, stronger variable pressure clutch. Baker 6 speed tranny. As you can see, I'm more into Harleys' than trucks. But still want it to run as good as I can afford.
    Thanks for the suggestions.
    Looks like I will need just to learn to live with it for now.

  5. ntbush83

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    Welcome to the club! Thats a nice looking truck btw! There is one thing that is the best bang for your buck in pulling power. Buy a diesel.

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