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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by redNecKansas, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. PantheraUncia

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    I was told that going Stage 3 or 4 was pointless if I was not going to upgrade the engine and rear end also.... I really should have done that when I had it rebuilt. Then it would make sense to get the engine and rear end done.
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    You have to deliver the power to the ground, somehow ... and you'll always find the weakest link unless you've eliminated them all. A stage 3 or 4 tranny will, indeed, likely handle most engine upgrades that you can throw at it. However, since you've got a 4x4 you must also consider both differentials and what's attached to them. As they're downstream from the tranny they'll be receiving what it handled that the engine threw at it. Can your shaft, front and rear ends handle the power the tranny will then send to them? (I'm asking this question thinking 600-700hp that stage 3 or 4's are usually meant to handle.)

    It's a a rhethorical question posed as food for thought -- and it's one I've asked and answered for myself, already. I see a slippery slope of large expenses, there ... one that may or may not make sense depending on how far one wants to go with bullet-proofing in order to 'handle whatever I throw at it'. I'm personally of the mindset that one goes all the way, or not at all, since going part-way is pricey and doesn't allow full use of what one paid for due to fear of something else breaking. But that's me ...
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  3. dobey

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    There really is no "all the way" when it comes to making power and not breaking parts. It's an endless cycle, if you want to try to get all the way. You break parts and replace them to not break, and then you add more power until things start breaking again, and then you replace parts so they don't break with that power, then you add more power, then… :)

    Stuff is going to break. Especially when you're making lots of power. It just happens. I've been up at 1:00 AM at the drag strip rebuilding transmissions so we could go on racing the next day. The only solution for wanting to go fast and not break parts, is to get the income to support your want to go fast, so you can replace the things that break. :)
  4. SurrealOne

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    There's certainly an 'all the way' when it comes to replacing things that you KNOW you are going to break if you increase ponies and improve trannies without replacing those other things. Going 'all the way' would mean upgrading those items you can reasonably predict with very high probability will fail/falter due to other modifications you've made to the system.

    Planned modification to a system yields expected/anticipated results to that system ... which may require yet more modification to allow the rest of the system to handle those results, properly. Sure, unexpected things happen, but that wasn't the basis of my response. Expected/predictable things were the basis of the response...
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    Ive thought about that as well but I know a tranny rebuild will be coming sometime down the road. Maddog transmission is not far from me so I can swap my old one for one of there built ones. So when that times come ill get something to handle whatever I do after that. I will most likely do a solid axle swap and will upgrade to something strong in the rear at the same time. i Have a friend who is going to start a nnbs sas in the next few weeks. Hopefully his goes well and mine will be done once he gets some good miles on it.

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    That's why I'm going to go ahead and do it, when the time comes I won't have to rebuild it again

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    Can happily say with we'll over 100 passes on the strip I've never blown up. Can't say for the same on the track but that's inevitable.
  6. SurrealOne

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    I've got one in my not-too-distant future, too. As I don't intend any significant horsepower upgrades I'm probably just going to replace the known weak points in the 4L60E and call it a day when my rebuild occurs .. with maybe a few mild upgrades like vette servos. We'll see.
  7. aloxdaddy99

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    If you are replacing the head a little "prep" work on them would help a bit. Things like porting and polishing, and gasket matching. With the other work you have listed you should be able to go to a bigger bored throttle body. Since a motor is just a big air compressor. The more air you can bring in and expell you will make more power.
    I hope the bottom end of your engine is in good shape. It would suck to redo the top end and than have problems with the bottom. How much power do you think you are going to make?

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