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Discussion in 'Photo & Video Gallery' started by GSXR, Sep 29, 2011.

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    I have looked all over and cant really find any good pictures of silverado's leveled with 285/70/17, perferably on stock wheels. but if you have them on your truck post them up for me. I put the Rough country leveling kit on and have been putting off buying tires and just dont want to be dissapointed when i get them.. thanks guys
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    go to my page and on my albums i have 285's on 17's i dont have a level kit though my tortion bars where tightene to level it off so you can kinda get a feel for what it looks like
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    IMAG0102.jpg IMAG0101.jpg
    i hope these arent to small and help you out some i know its an older chevy but hopefully it will help

    LEVELEDZ71 New Member

    I just put on my new winter tires on my 2004 silverado Z71 this week. They are firestone destination A/Ts 285/70/17 on stock silverado 17s i sprayed black. I have a tuff country leveling kit with front torsion keys and the add a leaf in the rear as well. Ill post some pics when i get home. they dont rub at all and no trimming or modifying was required. They wont even rub at full lock to either side!

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    Thanks for the pics, I was wanting to see some as well. I should be able to run 285/70/17's with no problem with a 2.5" leveling kit on my 2wd right? Probably a stupid question, but just wondering.

    Also, [MENTION=49997]LEVELEDZ71[/MENTION] , how did you paint your stock wheels black? is that just spray paint? because I have chrome wheel covers on mine and I'm thinking of spraying the actual wheel itself, so I would be able to easily change the look of the tire in just a few minutes by popping the covers on and off. Thanks.

    LEVELEDZ71 New Member

    I sandblasted the rims and used just standard grey primer on them. i let them dry and then spray painted them with a high temp engine enamel. Mine also had the chrome covers but i think they look terrible thats why i painted them black.

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    im running 285/70/17s for my winter wheels but my summer wheels are 275/60/20 summer tires which are a true 33inch tire and i still dont get anywhere near rubbing. When i installed the leveling kit i only cranked them up and got 1 2/3-3/4ish lift in front. i can get 2 inches out of the front easily without over cranking but i just never got around to it and if they dont rub why mess with em.

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