Picked up a new car today

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by 09Z71, May 29, 2010.

  1. 09Z71

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    i still have my '09 Silverado, and since i got a promotion i now work in an office, not the jobsite. unfortunately the office is an hour and a half away from my house, and my truck gets good old 13L/100KM on the highway, so i wanted a commuter car to get to and from the office. so we stopped by Honda and Mazda in the new Escalade, hated both the Civic and 3. went to Toyota and Subaru, liked the Subaru but too expensive, hated the Corolla. we decided to give up for the day, but we drove past a Mitsubishi dealership, and we had to stop, because i saw a white Lancer out there, and man that looked sharp. i drove a Lancer GT (ES Sport in the US) and it rode real nice, stereo sounds great, has a nice bodykit and packed with features for a tiny car like that. bought the white GT in a heartbeat, the list for that car (couldn't get any options,came loaded) was $24,300. since, again, they needed it off their lot (because it's an 09), i got it for $20,000. 7 airbags, a 700 Watt Rockford sound, CVT auto transmission with 2.0 MIVEC motor, bodykit, heated cloth seats, remote start, etc. it's an amazing car, amazing on gas, amazing ride, amazing highway driving dynamics, it's perfect. here's a pic of it.
  2. tbplus10

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    Sounds like a great deal and looks good.
    Did you get the paddle shifters on it?
  3. mmorgan1865

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    Looks like a good deal. :great:
  4. 09Z71

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    no the GT doesn't have the paddles. if i would've got the GTS it would've had it. it's pretty slow in drive, but when you jump off the line from Low gear, it has alot of torque and you can spin the tires pretty good.
  5. murdog94

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    Those cars actually look pretty cool. And fully loaded for 20K isnt to bad with todays prices..
  6. 09Z71

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    it is very cool. i can see this car as a perfect car for a parent to buy their teenager, because it's cheap to insure, but in terms of performance it really isn't that fast, but it looks cool with it's big spoiler and bodykit and nice stereo. i forgot to mention that it comes standard with a sunroof. my truck doesn't even have heated seats or a sunroof. :no:
  7. murdog94

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    Yeah i know they arent really fast but for a commuter you dont need fast.. And sunroof..grr.. i havent had one since i was a teenager... That is what I WILL have in our "my wifes and my" next car. Even though it will be used it will have a sunroof..
    And i see that you are looking at getting a new truck at some point anyhow.. so just make sure that you order one the way that you want it. That will be what i do when i do get a brand new one sometime way down the road.. HAHA
  8. j-schmizzle

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    congrats on the new lancer. i like those cars!!!

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