picking up a 73 fleet short .. sugestion and or pic request.. astro supremes :-)

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    K well finally know what I want to start tinkering on.. was going back and fourth with lifted Toyota , lifted Chevy , cutlass or regal bagged and another c10 lowered or bagged.. and I thinnnk I just want to lower this one so its fully functional truck but I justdont know how low to go with the astro Supremes and don't know what offset or size Astros I'm looking at.. I found a pic of a beautiful c10 with them and want exactly those wheels ( size, tires, offset) also don't know if I want it satin black or a nice white.. I have access to a rebuilt original owner 1971 402 that will be going in this badboy and I want to run some low gears and 700r4 :) have no idea what I want to do with interior yet I want a cool dash and good sounding system but nothing fancy ..if someone couldtell me how-to post pics ill post truck I'm picking up and the truck in Astros I love..if loeereing it as low as I can is the only way I really like the truck in these wjlheels ill just bag it ..I've only seen the wheels on s truck that is sitting on the frame ..btw I am on HTC phone maybe that's y I can't see how to post pics..
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