Picture of sons truck were working on

Discussion in 'Photo & Video Gallery' started by t-roy, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. t-roy

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    This is a 1989 Chevy Stepside 4x4. We replaced the door and repaired the fender wells and had it painted. I found almost all my interior dash parts off Ebay, great place to find them. Had some front suspension done and set of tires. Still needs a steering box and a few minor items. Hope you like the pic.[​IMG]
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  2. Cableguy

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    Nice truck! Nice project, looks like fun. Good job on it so far. :great:
  3. t-roy

    t-roy New Member


    Thanks, it has been fun but a big headache. The truck sat for 3 years before I purchased for 700.00. I then put a crate motor from GM that a guy had in his 93 for 3,000 miles then wrecked it. Dude was hard up for money he took 310.00 for the motor. Since the truck sat so long as he starts to drive numerous things have went wrong. Exhaust has fallen off, fuel pump, starter, etc. Hopefully find some answers to some questions on this site. Thanks all for the warm welcome.
  4. Cableguy

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    Yes and :sign0016:

    Patients I think it will pay off here. There is nothing finer than a nice running GM truck. I have always enjoyed playing with GM trucks from Hotrods to daily drivers. Sounds like you've got some good deals along the way. Which makes it more rewarding too. I love the father/son project idea.
  5. t-roy

    t-roy New Member

    Yes been fun but got out of habit of working on my own vehicles over the years. I grew up working on my dads race car and my first car 1974 Monte Carlo, man do I miss that car. I am going to find another and rebuild it one of these days. Re-live my youth.lol. Until we started working on this truck I realized just how green my boy was about auto work. Stuff I took for granted he had no clue. But I have tried to be patient and it's been very rewarding..
  6. retired2001

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    Great looking truck ( a lot better than my 1st one ) and a good looking young man! Good luck with both!
  7. dwill3015

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    Nice looking truck your Son has. Awsome that it was a project truck!
  8. finalday7

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    Nice truck and glad to hear you're working on it with your son. My dad just happens to be clueless when it comes to vehicles so I didn't get much help from him. :glasses:
  9. skivhere

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    Wow, that brings back memories! I almost had an '89 Sportside, but the guy renigged on it. Fun truck and this one looks super clean! Did you have to repaint it?

    In my opinion, it looks better without the 4X4 stickers. And those rims look just like the ones I took off my Suburban!

    And kudos for working on the truck with your son. My dad did a lot with me, but it was more along the lines of keeping the vehicle running! Hopefully these are memories you are making that both of you will cherish in the future!
  10. Duramax04

    Duramax04 Rockstar

    Looks like your off to a real good start. Nice lookin truck!! Cherish the time that you guys spend together. I lost my dad when i was just 21 and God i miss him. I still have alot of good memories though.

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