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  1. audible

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    Hey let's see pictures of trucks with the factory mud flaps. I have my eye on the rear ones with the gold Chevy bow-tie:glasses:, But would like to see on a truck...not just the little picture in the Chevy accessory book.

  2. Jimmeh

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    I didn't have rears on my truck, but I had the fronts. Only mine have the white bow tie. I'd like to see some factory ones as well.
  3. 2011laserblue

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    That's the best picture I have, I took off the gold with carb cleaner though, I wanted all black! :) Hope this helps,

    I can tell you that if you want to spend money on flaps to just get the factory ones.
  4. audible

    audible Member

    Nice flaps...

    Thanks for the picture. Hey what is the emblem just above Silverado on your tailgate? "Z---"?? :neutral: Also, how do you like your Gibson Exhaust? I had on a 99 Mustang GT and the drone was BAD. Is it better on a truck?

    I received my factory mudflaps yesterday from the dealer. Not bad 3 day order...$78 for full set (no tax in OR :happy:).

    I got black for the front and the gold + for the rear to match the gold + on the tailgate. Could not wait. I mounted the fronts last night, but will do the rears this weekend as it requires drilling...and my son wants to help daddy.:party:
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  5. 2011laserblue

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    The emblem on my tailgate is the Sparta Chevrolet logo...where I got the truck! My Father own's the place, so I got a pretty good deal :)
    That is a good call for your bowties, my brother did the same thing (kept the gold to match the bowtie). That is actually another reason why I just took the gold off, because it wouldn't match! Good luck this weekend!
  6. 2k8z71

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    Sorry for thread jacking but did you paint your rear bowtie yourself or order it like that? I can't seem to find one and I want mine black with the chrome trim on it. I just picked up my front black bowtie and it goes on when I wake up, but I really really want a black bowtie with chrome for the rear. lol
  7. 2011laserblue

    2011laserblue Rockstar 3 Years ROTM Winner 100 Posts

    Oh and I LOVE my gibson exhaust. Its perfect for me...nice now tone that doesnt crackle, but it is loud at the same time.


    This is a video after I first installed the kit last April. As you can see it is before all the other goodies were added. However the video really doesnt do the kit just, since they've broken in a little bit they've gotten a little louder. Personally I love the kit and would recommend it to anyone. Probly not as loud as some of your flowmaster or corsa kits, but the thing I really love is there is NO crackle if you rev the engine like those brands. I like to compare them to something like a magnaflow...just a little cheaper, and better sounding if you asked me!

    As far as the bow-ties go 2k8z71, I had them painted. We had to get the paint code for the exact color (obviously) then just taped off the chrome because I wanted it there as well. Hope that helped! Happy new year!
  8. heatharnold

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    My pics

    Here are my mud flaps. I got them off *bay. $50.00 cheaper than the dealer. I did have to take the rear wheels off to put the bottom two screws in on the rear flaps. It is amazing what they keep off the truck. I put them on my wife's Tahoe and never complained when I cleaned it. I almost put some on my G8. They just don't look right on some cars though.

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  9. MGR1118

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    I put the Gibson cat-back system on my 2007 crew cab almost 3 years ago and I, too, like the sound of it better than most others I've heard. One thing I didn't like was the way the exhaust pipes slipped inside the muffler stubs. After arguing with Gibson that the pipes didn't conform to their advertising, I finally took the pipes to a local muffler shop where they expanded them slightly to slip over the stubs. Cost me $15, and that made a huge difference; I picked up a noticeable "seat of the pants" increase in power from reducing the restriction. Conversely, by driving conservatively, my mileage improved by slightly over 1 mpg.
    I've gotten lots of compliments on how well my truck sounds.
  10. mkballance

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    I purchased these from Chevy, and installed them myself:


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