Pitman Arm stud movement?

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by SoundZman, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. SoundZman

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    I know where the pitman meets the centerlink their should be no movement. I've seen some videos where the pitman arm is so worn it will cause a vertical shift in the draglink while rotating the wheel.

    While inspecting my steering components today I notice a slight movement in the pitman arm stud only, I watch & grabbed/pulled on the draglink but didn't find any free play. However, the pitman stud was actually moving in a front to back motion, in relation to the vehicle. It was only maybe 1/8" movement. So I'm not sure if this is ok or not. Seeing as how their should be NO movement in steering joints I'm assuming this is bad.

    Can some one validate this for me? Thanks!
  2. azdrtdog

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    Yes slop is bad, Now are we talking pitman arm or idler arm? becuase if the stud is moving in the pitman arm its a loose castle nut The ball joint is in the center link and bolts to the pitman arm (in most cases) if the ball is part of the arm then it's time for a p/arm. If not it's time for a center link If its the idler then that is time but either way slop is bad
  3. Gnant

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    If you have had it aligned recently and there were no problems, the pitman arm should be fine. How many miles? I agree with azdrtdog to check the nuts. I just replaced my pitman arm (and every other suspension component) last month. It was so worn, the stud would just flop over due to gravity. It was the alignment shop that told me it was bad.

  4. SoundZman

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    I have just over 100K (104K i think)...I had an alignment done shortly before I put a new set of tires on in Dec '09...since you both are from AZ, I had it done by Goodyear in Tucson. I've had my company vehicle there a number of times over the few years I lived in AZ, they seem to be pretty good and honest....

    I'll check to see if the nut is just loose.

    More so, I also noticed a LOT of play in the gearbox. Had the wife turning the steering wheel while I was under the truck. I noticed about a 30-45 degree turn in the lower shaft before the pitman started to rotate. So from under the truck I garbed the u-joint on the lower shaft and rotated it by hand and was able to do the same. This has got to be contributing to my problem if the not the culprit. I know on the mid '90 gearboxes the free play can be adjusted out via an allen screw. Can this be done on mine too?
  5. azdrtdog

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    Best way to find slop is to rock the wheel left/right just enough to move linkage and not the tires

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