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  1. Dons31a

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    I have a 94 chevy p/u and am trying to remove the pitman arm. I am using a three jaw wheel puller and banging with a maul. It has never been changed since new. It is a beast and has not budged. Is there a way of removing it without a torch? I would like to get it done today to get it aligned. Any suggestions will be appreciated. I can make a tool if I have to. Thanks Don
  2. silveradotrailblazer

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    If your three jaw tool is slipping off, try a pitman arm remover. There made by alot of tool companies like SnapOn and OTC. Try your local auto store for a loaner. Also are you using a impact wrench?
  3. Dons31a

    Dons31a New Member

    I finally decided to make a tool like a pitman arm puller and used an impact wrench to try and loosen it. The wrench puts out about 600 lbs/ft. I even hit it with a sledge hammer from on top of my tool. The arm never budged. Can I heat without damaging anything?
  4. IPFK83

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    lots of PB blaster.
  5. Dons31a

    Dons31a New Member

    I also used PB blaster at the beginning. Thanks for the reply

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