Planning a SD Prairie Dog hunt

Discussion in 'Sports & Outdoors' started by JC8865, May 21, 2012.

  1. JC8865

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    A friend of mine and I are working on putting together a camping/prairiedog hunt in South Dakota...weve done research and ideally we would like to find private land to hunt on and camp on both.

    Neither of us has hunted prarie dogs before and we would both like some sort of a plan for a place to stay/hunt before we head out..everyone we talkd to said "just ask any rancher"...thats a bit iffy for us especially if were gonna be driving 6 hours..we'd really like to have something mopre set in stone...we are both going to be shooting 22's so their wont be a hail of AR-15 rounds flying..both of us are adults and responsible...just looking for a nice get away..anyway..if anyone has contacts or if theirs a list of ranchers that welcome PD hunters any info would be great...Thanks!

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    Wow they are protected here in Utah. No shooting them or poisoning either

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