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    For many sports fans, the Super Bowl is the best excuse of the year to host a party. Even non-sports fans like to get in on this event. It's hard to resist the excitement and casual fun that surrounds this big day in sports. It's not a party to get stressed over, but by considering a few details in your party planning, you can add to the fun of the day. These resources will help you pull together a sensational Super Bowl party this year.

    The Basics

    Planning Your Super Bowl Party - For a successful Super Bowl Party, you need to get your priorities straight. This article will tell you the basic gameplan for this event.

    Party Supply Necessities - The right party supplies and serving pieces help to set the mood for your football loving friends.

    A Fun Super Bowl Snack Table - Get creative and decorate your party snack table to look like a football field by following these easy instructions that anyone can do.

    The Food

    Casual, hearty food is the name of the game for this party. Leave your gourmet experiments for another day. If your guests can eat in front of the television, all the better.

    Chili Recipes - Chili is a great dish to serve at a Super Bowl Party. Since it can be served in large mugs, your guests can walk around and hold it while watching the game.

    Buffalo Wing Recipes - Where I live, wings are an integral part of every Super Bowl. In fact, the "Wing Bowl" is as eagerly anticipated by some as the actual Super Bowl.

    Layered Dips - What would a Super Bowl Party be without plenty of chips and dips for dunking and scooping.

    Spinach Dip Recipes - I love spinach dips. The spinach creates the illusion that we're actually eating something healthy.

    A Football Field Cake - Create an edible centerpiece that will score a touchdown with your guests, no matter which side they're cheering on.

    Chocolate Football Treats - Both kids and adults will enjoy these sweet and crunchy football shape snacks.

    Other Entertainment

    You may want to have a room with a television and a few rented videos for the non-football fans at your party.

    Halftime Games - Get your guests moving and thinking during halftime with a few simple, fun games you organize during the break.

    Good times.... but remember, DON"T DRINK AND DRIVE! :great:
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    Hey I've got an idea why don't we all crash Steve's house :neutral:
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    I'll bring some beer and my TEX-MEX layer dip!
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    I called shot-gun in Darcy's Duramax! :great:
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    Nothing like bringing back an old thread.
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    It has all the more meaning with the SB in Dallas. :)
    Too bad it's more than a 4 hr drive.

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